Strong Language & Violent Scenes Podcast

Minisode 57: Digital Boy

June 16, 2019

We are coming to you now from the new SVPC HQ! It's still a work in progress, so apologies for any sound issues/echo! That said... onto MINISODE 57!

Due to the aforementioned house move, Andy has watched fuck all but Mitch has something... HEAR as he waxes lyrical about Season Five of Black Mirror!  Also, find out how Mitch is getting on with the ShockWaves 100 and learn the identity of the guest and film for this week's show! 

ALSO, we have another instalment of MITCH'S PITCHES

Due to his well documented ignorance towards films, Mitch is shown a film poster with all titles, taglines etc removed and tasked with attempting to decipher the plot. Will it go well? The poster image can be seen below with the image that Mitch was working from on the left...


In addition to all this, we dig into your posts and messages in the Feedback section and tell you what you should be watching as we look at what's arriving on streaming platforms this week!


Please note that this podcast may contain strong language and even stronger Scottish accents. 

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