Strong Language & Violent Scenes Podcast

59: Stage Fright (Mitch v Andy)

June 27, 2019

Well then. Coming much sooner after the last Mitch v Andy episode than we would have liked, this one marks the first time that the guys have actually planned one of these for convenience and to keep the episodes coming... Anyway, it's Mitch's turn this time. 

His chosen film? Stage Fright!

A film that a lot of people dislike but that Mitch loves. It's also a first viewing for Andy. How will this one go? 

The synopsis is as follows: 

Ten years after her Broadway diva mother was murdered after performing`The Haunting of the Opera', Camilla Swanson lands the lead role in a musical theatre summer camp's version of the same musical.

As the show goes on, the blood start to spill...

Please note that this episode contains strong language, conversations of an adult nature and EXTREMELY Scottish accents. 

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Excerpt from Stage Fright soundtrack used with love

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