Strong Language & Violent Scenes Podcast

13: Johnny Mnemonic (w/ Natasha Kermani)

July 27, 2018

Episode 13 sees Andy and Mitch joined by Natasha Kermani, director of Imitation Girl


Her chosen film? Johnny Mnemonic!

Based on the short story by William Gibson and almost universally critically lambasted, Robert Longo's 1995 cyberpunk courier caper, Johnny Mnemonic sees Keanu Reeves (at his handsomest and in the midst of his 90's hot streak), joined by Dolph Lundgren, Dina Meyer, Ice-T, Henry Rollins, Takeshi Kitano and a fucking dolphin in a film that simply has to be seen to be believed. 

Andy doesn't like it. Natasha does. Could there be fireworks? Can Andy be convinced? Find out inside!

The synopsis is as follows: 

In the 21st century the information superhighway has developed so far that cyberspace is the norm for all business and personal dealings. Information has become so important that to shield the most delicate files from cyberspace hackers, the data is transported in the heads of Mnemonic couriers. Johnny is the best of the bunch, but this time the raw data he carries is so sensitive that he is being pursued by many interested parties, and his failure to deliver the information will hand him the ultimate lateness penalty.


Please note that this podcast may contain strong language and even stronger Scottish accents. 

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