Strong Language & Violent Scenes Podcast

81: Body (Mitch v Andy)

December 5, 2019

Christmas is bearing down on us as you might have noticed from the return of our festive theme. So we decided that the time had come for another head to head episode. No cancellation. No last minute decision. We simply wanted to do one. 

And it's Mitch's turn again... 

His chosen film? Body!

A film that Mitch caught in an odd afternoon slot at Frightfest 2015, Body is the feature debut of directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, who have since gone on to direct Stake Land 2 and Villains, starring The Guest's Maika Monroe. With a timely festive vibe, Body is claustrophobic little chamber piece that features an appearance by the ever-excellent Larry Fessenden.

BUT as always, the question is... Is it any good?

The Synopsis is as follows:

Three young women face a moral dilemma when they accidentally kill a groundskeeper at a secluded mansion.

Please note that this episode contains strong language, conversations of an adult nature and some EXTREMELY Scottish accents. 

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