Strong Language & Violent Scenes Podcast

78: Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness (w/ Laura McQuay)

November 7, 2019

Another live show bites the dust and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming with this, Episode 78! This week, we are delighted to be joined by the producer of Cronus and the 2016 Frightfest sleeper hit Knucklebones... It's Laura McQuay!


Her chosen film? Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness!

This is a first watch for both Andy and Mitch and it's a fucking revelation. Elijah Wood proudly declares it to be the first horror film he ever saw and the one that set him on his current career trajectory and it also features an appearance from a young AJ McLean from The Backstreet Boys. It's superb. Don't miss this one. 

The synopsis is as follows: 

Mike Strauber catches his wife Sharon in bed with his best friend Jerry. He gets mad and takes off to embark on an adventure of murder and self-mutilation in demented games of truth or dare.

Please note that this episode contains strong language, conversations of an adult nature and EXTREMELY Scottish accents. 

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Critical Madness by Kay Reed & Church of Our Saviour Choir used with love

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